Spread the word: a website offering concealed carry permits through the Internet is a scam, according to a warning from a Pennsylvania sheriff. The grift has impacted residents in a number of states.

This story from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says the website is fake and has no affiliation with state or local law enforcement agencies, which are the only entities that may issue concealed carry permits.

The story says the site in question claims to offer assistance in the concealed carry permit process for Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Louisiana.

Users are directed to select a state and complete an online form. The form prompts the user to give up all kinds of personal information. Think about the kind of info you would put on an application for a concealed carry permit: things like SSN, residential history, place of birth, etc.

The site also requests credit card information and charges a fee for the fake application, which can cost as much as $37, the story says.

Language on the site says, “ is not owned by, nor affiliated with any county, federal, state or city government. The application assistance services we offer are supplementary and the fees are in addition to those required by the state. Our service can save you time and effort by making it very clear what you need to do to complete your application accurately, and by eliminating your need to wait on hold with government organizations if you have questions.”

Kraus told the paper that the process for a concealed-carry permit is not a complicated one in Pennsylvania and requires no research, but they must be obtained in person at a residents’ local police department.