People have been shooting all sorts of things out of shotguns since they were called blunderbusses. The big bore, comparatively low pressure, and lack of rifling allows for all manner of experimentation. These days, when it seems like a new type of firearm or ammunition comes out every month, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to combine an archery broadhead and a shotgun shell.

Last week we reported about a new device from Crosman that’s a cross between an air gun and a crossbow, using air pressure to fire a full-sized arrow and broadhead. LINK

The test was conducted by the folks at Taofledermaus, a Youtube channel known for firing strange things from shotguns into other things (including firing hot dogs from a 12 gauge and replacing the shot in a shell with 18 inches of ball chain). They performed it at the request of Broadhead-Bullets over the summer.

The cartridges themselves appear to have a broadhead with sabot stabilizers on the back stuffed into the the top, wrapped in a wad with the tip exposed.


Do they work? Watch for yourself. They have plenty of power and penetration capability (they blew through a box filled with 13 inches of sand, which was able to stop a 12 gauge slug) and in slow-mo you can see they sing well in flight. They were shooting with a shotgun with a simple bead, no rear sight, and they put three shots on target, with one bullseye.

It’s an interesting idea that, if proven to be accurate, could be a boon for medium to large-game hunters who prefer smoothbores. The ammo also would have possibilities for use by hunting in populated areas, because the broadheads would not travel as far as a bullet or a shotgun slug. From the way they’re designed, it would seem this ammo, if it ever comes to market, will be relegated to double-guns and single shots. They might want to think about adding a big warning that multiple rounds shouldn’t be loaded into the mag tube of a pump gun, because that point looks just right to set off a primer on another shell during recoil.

Will we see a for-market version of the Broadhead-Bullet come out of SHOT Show this year? We shall see.

Check out the Taofledermaus Youtube page for some more cool and strange shotgun loads, like wax mixed with steel wool, and even 3D-printed slugs.