Weatherby has officially introduced a new, ultra-affordable addition to its Vanguard line of bolt-action rifles: the Vanguard Select.

What makes this rifle different is it’s a budget gun, with an MSRP of $599, that comes with the same accuracy guarantee that comes with many of Weatherby’s Vanguard rifles. The company promises that, when using premium ammunition, the Select will produce a three-shot group measuring 0.99-inch or less at 100 yards from a cold barrel, according to this post from The Outdoor Wire.

At the center of the new rifle is the company’s well tested Vanguard action It’s affixed to an injection molded black Monte Carlo stock with a hard, textured forearm and grip areas, as well as a right side palm swell that helps with control and provides comfort.

The gun has a match-quality, two-stage trigger, like the rest of the rifles in the line, that’s user adjustable for pull weight. It also has the three-position safety and fluted bolt with dual-opposed locking lugs feature on other Vanguards.

The Select is shipping now, just in time to wear a bow under the tree.

There are several new entries in the Vanguard line for 2016 in addition to the Select, such as the Modular Chassis Rifle we profiled earlier in the month, the Vanguard RealTree Xtra, three versions of the new Vanguard WeatherGuard rifle including a carbine, two versions of the Vanguard Wilderness rifle, the Vanguard Leupold Package, and the Vanguard AccuGuard rifle, the Vanguard H-BAR RC, the Vanguard Lazerguard, the Vanguard Dangerous Game Rifle, and the Vanguard Laminate H-Bar.