Welcome to Range365

Welcome to Rage365!

Welcome to Range365—a new place for gun owners and shooters to call home!

No matter what you’re into—handguns, shotguns, rifles, long-range, three gun, clays, hunting, self defense--Range365 has it. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re pulling the trigger for the first time or have a lifetime of experience, because Range365 is about what we all like about shooting—guns, of course, and ammo and gear--but it’s also about how much fun shooting is, and the special kind of camaraderie that shooters enjoy.

Take a look around Range365 and see for yourself. You’ll find special reports and field tests of all-new gun models, ammunition, and shooting gear. There are fascinating stories about popular and famous gun models. Top experts give advice on how to become a better shooter. If you want to try a new shooting game, or get better at the one you already love, we’ll teach you how. There are tips on using a gun properly for self-defense, gun safety and maintenance. We’ll regularly introduce you to interesting people in the shooting world, the latest news, and much more. It’s all brought to you by writers, reporters, and bloggers who understand that the shooting world is made up of many different types of people who have different levels of experience. And, they understand that shooting is about more than just buying a gun—it’s a lifestyle.