Gunslick Pro Copper-Klenz

Gun cleaning is boring. Most gun owners buy the cheapest kit they can find, and when it’s time to do the deed, they just run some solvent and a bronze brush down the barrel a few times. They follow it up with a patch or two soaked with oil, and then they wipe down the gun with an old rag and call the job done. “Clean” really means “clean enough.” Yet, good cleaning kits are available on just about any sporting-goods store shelf. They offer gun owners who take the time to match their tools to their specific firearm the ability to keep their guns in top shape with little more than a few minutes of thoughtful attention. Eric Miller, product manager for Gunslick Pro and Outers, says that competition shooters take cleaning to a higher degree than most recreational shooters. Their goal is to take as many of the controllable variables out of the equation for more accurate shots. “These are the customers who are using products like Nu-Gun, which is used to remove all the factory-applied protectant chemicals and coatings on new guns,” Miller said. “Taking this step helps ensure a truly clean firearm before it is shot. It’s an important step.” Miller also recommends Gunslick Pro Copper-Klenz as a normal step in cleaning any firearm—every time. “It is surprising how many shooters who use today’s popular all-copper bullets skip this step,” he said. “Copper-Klenz is an advanced chemical that removes copper fouling and 99-percent of powder fouling, even in the dirtiest barrel.” Keeping a firearm well-oiled and rust-free is the golden rule. Gun-Foam is a unique patented system considered to be the ultimate in lubrication technology. It provides an easy way to deliver oil in every nick and cranny. Other chemicals that help provide deeper cleaning include Gun-Dri, which keeps moisture off gun parts. It’s a precautionary product that makes gun cleaning easier because water will not adhere to the steel for up to 48 hours after application. It keeps rain, snow, condensation and humidity at bay.