With the 2016 presidential election drawing nearer, CBS detailed exactly where Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump stand on guns in America and the related issues.


Donald J. Trump Web photo

Trump was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in May and has frequently promised to protect Second Amendment rights at his campaign rallies. He often touts his own hard-to-get concealed carry permit from New York state, the story says.

“The Second Amendment is on the ballot in November,” Trump said after getting the NRA nod. “The only way to save our Second Amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named Donald Trump. Okay? I will tell you. I will never let you down.”

Here are his policies, as outlined in the story:

  • Campaign website says he would “enforce the laws on the books.”

  • Wants to appoint Supreme Court justice who would also uphold the Second Amendment.

  • Is open to no fly, no buy policies. Trump said in June he was open to polices to prevent people on terror watchlists from buying firearms. This practice has been condemned by Second Amendment and Civil Rights activists because the lists are secret, created by faceless government entities, and require no due process or adjudication.

  • Wants to expand mental health treatment programs.

  • Wants to create a National Right to Carry, meaning concealed carry permits would be valid in all 50 states. His website says, “a driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state.”

  • Trump would abolish gun-free zones. Military bases and recruiting centers would allow firearms, along with schools.

For the full story on Trump’g gun policies, go here.


Where Clinton and Trump Stand on Gun Issues
Hillary Clinton. web photo

On the other side of the aisle, Hillary Clinton has earned endorsements from gun-control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and is known for saying that she wants to implement “common sense gun legislation.”

“I believe weapons of war have no place on our streets,” Clinton said in June. “We may have our disagreements on gun safety regulations, but we should all be able to agree on a few things.”

Here is an outline on Clinton’s stance on firearms from the CBS story:

  • Wants expanded background checks. Clinton is pushing for “comprehensive background check legislation” which would include banning all domestic abusers or severely mentally ill from buying or possessing a firearm.

  • Advocates the “no fly, no buy” policies, outlined above.

  • Pledges to close loopholes in existing firearm laws. Has said she wants to close the “Charleston loophole” which allows gun shops to proceed with a firearms sale if the FBI cannot meet the deadline of performing a background check within 72 hours.

  • Wants Congress to close the so-called “gun show loophole, by requiring any person engaging in a high volume of gun sales, particularly at gun shows and on the Internet, to be held to the same standards as sellers in gun stores. There is already legislation on the books and an entire government agency devoted to enforcing those laws called the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Currently, only personal sales of firearms are allowed to be legally completed without a federal NICS background check by two individuals who reside in the same state.

  • Would repeal immunity protection for gun manufacturers. This would allow victims of gun violence to sue the companies that make the firearms used by the criminals who harmed them.

Read the full description of Clinton’s policies here.