Who Got You on April Fools Day?
Several stories and videos about guns were posted last week that were just too good to be true. web photo

April Fools’ Day has attained a whole new level on social media, with some people posting some obviously fake and humorous things, while others—truer to the spirit of the day—putting up photos, stories, or videos that are plausible enough to get readers wondering if they’re true or not. And of course, there’s always the poor individuals who don’t realize what day it is at all.

The gun world came out in full force. We put up a post about the “revolutionary new ammunition” from a joint effort between Hornady and Vortex that had micro cameras embedded in the bullets. Though most people realized it was a joke, a good number asked about how to get it.

Sadly, the Bullet-Cam is but fiction, with the companies confirming its fabrication by releasing this Indiana Jones tribute video today, showing the project being crated up and stored in a monstrous warehouse much like the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

“You’ve asked – ‘Where is the Bullet-Cam?’. After much weekend consideration, we have decided the Bullet-Cam is a source of unspeakable power, and it has to be researched further. Rest assured, we have top experts working on it right now. Until further notice – Happy April (Fools), Vortex Nation!” the post says.

While many April 1 posts have been deleted from social media or the sites themselves so as to not cause lasting confusion and bizarre search results for years to come, some remain up at the time of this posting, like this story from It posited that President Trump’s new budget would include a new cabinet-level agency with billions of dollars in funding for gun training and individual gun purchase grants—a pleasant fiction.

Outdoorhub wrote a piece today about a post on Friday from the online retailer Cheaper Than Dirt that claimed Colt was releasing an updated version of it’s famously failed All American Model 2000 9mm pistol. The gun was to be the company’s first foray into the polymer pistol world—and it didn’t go so well, with the gun only produced for two years.

It seems this too was a put-on.

So how about it—what were some of the best April Fools’ posts you saw this year?