One of the many shortcomings of the 1911 platform when compared to modern handguns is the limited ammunition capacity dictated by its single-stack magazine design.

Of course, using extended magazines is always an option, but even high-end 1911s have a tendency to be finicky when it comes to things like flat-nosed bullets or extended magazines.

Heck, some die-hard 1911 shooters will say that if it isn’t part of Browning’s original design, which called for a 7-round magazine loaded with .45 ACP round-nosed ball ammo, it’s being forced to work.

However, there have been a few extended magazines to hit the market that are reliable in a broad range of factory 1911s. The sweet spot seems to be 10-round mags, like the POWER MAG from Chip McCormick.

Now, Wilson Combat, which in addition to making excellent firearms also produces reliable and trustworthy gun parts, has introduced two new, upgraded 10-round mags designed for full-sized 1911s in .45 ACP.

It was carried by American troops for over a century. Untold numbers of civilians own one. Why is the 1911 the greatest pistol in U.S. history?

The 1911: America’s Greatest Pistol

This story from says the mags are made in the U.S. and include a high strength stainless steel spring, fiber reinforced nylon ETM style follower as well as a new polymer wrap-around base pad assembly.

From the story:

“The wrap-around base pad assembly adds grip, aiming to enhance shooting and enable rapid reloads. The removable baseplate withstands hard use and is also dimpled for mag identification and numbering.”

The new magazines are well suited for competition, carry, or tactical use and are available in polished stainless or non-reflective black fluoropolymer finishes.

Wilson says not only are the new 10-round mags reliable, but that they actually increase the “reliability in all 1911 style pistols” and that a maximum tensile strength heavy duty spring helps ensure a long service life, better feeding, and positive slide stop operation (meaning the slide will lock back after the last round is fired).

MSRP: stainless – $38,95; black – $41.95.