In Wisconsin, a group of legilsators have introduced a bill that would create gun safety classes for high school students, according to this story from

The bill, written by Reps. Ken Skowronski, Rob Brooks, and Joel Kleefisch along with Sen. Terry Moulton, outlines provisions for the state superintendent to work with the Department of Natural Resources, local police, or a firearms safety organization to develop a curriculum for an elective class on gun safety, the story says, but schools would not be required to offer the course.

The bill’s authors said in a memo that the class “would help educate students who participate in their schools’ trap and target shooting teams. They say thousands of students participate on such teams statewide and interest is growing.”

Gun safety education is the first line of defense against firearms accidents. Through programs like the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe and Project ChildSafe, kids are educated about what to do if they should find a firearm, and how to safely handle a firearm.

Of course, any student (or adult for that matter) learning to shoot targets or trap should learn every aspect of safe gun handling before they can even set foot on the range.

And the sports are certainly growing. This story from says the Wisconsin State High School Clay Target League had 1,002 student members and 46 teams last year. This year it has 1,449 members from 65 high school teams.

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