College students in are again convinced that waving about a large number of phalluses will somehow negate the Second Amendment, and the desire of individuals to defend themselves from imminent danger and bodily harm.

According to this story from, students organized against legislation allowing concealed permit holders to carry firearms on campus for self-defense in Wisconsin will be carrying at least 200 dildos in protest on December 15.

The protest is an attempt to copy the [“Cocks not Glocks” protest that unsuccessfully opposed campus carry in Texas] earlier this year.

According to this story from the Daily Cardinal, the planned protest is in response to state Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) and his plans to re-introduce legislation that will allow concealed carry on the UW System and technical college campuses in Wisconsin.

Students created a petition that has been circulating on social media since December 3, which had about 1,100 signatures as of December 9. The story says they will partner with the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort to gather more signatures to prevent concealed carriers from preventing violence.

“I don’t think people know that campus carry is even an option on the table,” Kerwin said, who seems to think that the schedules and priorities of state lawmakers revolver around students’ winter break. “The Republicans are [being] sneaky right now and planning to introduce the legislation and being quiet about because they know students are going away for break … they know it will have wide-scale opposition.”

The protest is being spearheaded by Kat Kerwin, the “UW-Madison College of Letters & Science representative on Student Council and vice chair of ASMs Legislative Affairs Committee.”

Kerwin suggested in media reports that passing out sex toys is “a method of fighting the absurdity of guns in classrooms.”

“We actually have 200 sex toys on their way right now,” she said in the Cap Times story.

Currently, gun-free mandates in the state force law-abiding citizens to sit unarmed in classrooms, when gun-free zones have repeatedly proven to be targets for bad actors.

Kremer and state Sen. Devin LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) pushed the campus carry legislation after the October 1, 2015 attack that killed nine people at Umpqua Community College, which occurred in a gun-free zone.