A drone pilot in Washington state found out that it’s not a great idea to use the flying bots to intrude on people’s privacy, because you never know when somebody has a scattergun at the ready.

In the video below, you see footage from the drone’s on-board camera as it hovers near a woman’s back porch, presumably watching her via FPV headset or a monitor, according to The videos’ description says: “We were flying our drone around, noticed our neighbor out on the deck, and started throwing things at the drone.”

We see the woman heave a couple rocks at the drone before going inside her home.

The drone then begins hovering over the back porch near window height. On the video, we can see the woman at her kitchen counter. Just then, she rushes back out onto the porch—this time with a gun.

The drone hurriedly retreats as the woman takes aim at it, but no shots were fired, and then the video cuts off. It’s hard to tell from the shaky, low-res video what kind of firearms the woman is toting, though it’s clearly a long gun of some kind.

But it serves as a lesson to drone pilots everywhere: It’s a bad idea to hover around, peeking in on people in their homes or on their property.

It’s also a bad idea to shoot at them, since the Federal Aviation Administration has dubbed doing so a federal crime, since drones have to registered with the FAA—but aiming a gun at one sure does seem to get them to buzz off.

Last year, we reported that TV personality and voice-over actor Mike Rowe chased a drone away from his property with a shotgun, though there was no footage of that incident.