People use firearms for self-defense in the United States every day. That’s not to say people are shot in self-defense every day, but there are many situations in which the very presence of a gun prevents a crime, or prevents a greater crime, and harm, from taking place.

Take this story out of Idaho from February of this year. You may not have heard about it because not much ended up happening…but it could have been a fatal carjacking at its worst, if the victim hadn’t been armed.

An Idaho woman, who has not been identified, had just dropped off her 9-year-old daughter at school in Boise on February 20, according to this story from

A would-be carjacker approached the driver’s side of her car when it was stopped at an intersection, opened her door and began hitting her in the head and face when she didn’t exit. He then tried to to pull her out of the car by her hair, the story says.

“He came to the driver’s side door of my car and opened it and demanded my keys and my purse and when I refused to give it to him he started hitting me in the head multiple times,” said the unidentified female victim in the story.

“I finally said, ‘OK, OK, that’s enough stop! I’ll give you my purse,” said the woman.

When she turned to get her purse, she instead reached into her center console and pulled out her purple-framed Ruger LCP pistol.

“When I turned to give him my purse…I grabbed my gun and I pointed it at him, and it scared him off,” she said.

The man then ran down an alley and disappeared. In the story, the woman wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t had her gun, the story says.

“He probably would have dragged me out of my car and kept beating me…I honestly don’t know if he would have stopped,” the woman said.

The suspect remains at large, the story says.

The robber pretended to have a gun in his pocket, while the toll worker was really armed.

Armed Toll Worker Scares Off Would-Be Robber