Police in Harrisburg Pennsylvania are looking for a man who tried to carjack a woman in a Walmart parking lot after stealing from the store.

What the thief didn’t realize was that his attempted carjacking victim was armed, according to this story from Police say 45-year-old Michael Ortiz fled the Walmart after an unspecified attempt to steal from the store. As he was chased by security officers, he entered a woman’s car in the parking lot and demanded she drive him away.

The story says Ortiz threatened the woman and her passenger “by claiming he had something that would give them HIV if they didn’t do as he said.”

But when the car came to a stop at a red light, the female passenger exited the vehicle, drew a handgun she had concealed on her person, and demanded Ortiz get out of the car, the story says.

Woman With Handgun Halts Walmart Carjacking
Surveillance video of the suspect, Michael Ortiz. web photo

Ortiz got out of the car and struggled with the woman for the gun. Police say one shot was fired before Ortiz fled on foot.

Police don’t know if he was hit by the shot, but the story says they don’t believe he was.

Neither woman in the car was harmed and they returned to the store to wait for police. The passenger had a legal concealed carry permit for the pistol.

Police searched for Ortiz with a helicopter and dogs through the afternoon. He was identified from surveillance video from the Walmart and the camera recorded the license plate number of the car that dropped him off, the story says.

Ortiz has previous convictions for violent crimes, the story says. The investigation is ongoing.