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Women in Michigan want to protect themselves. At least that’s what the numbers indicate in this story from

Since 2007, women in the Great Lakes State with concealed carry licenses have increased by around 230 percent, according to a study done by the Michigan State Police, the story says.

“I like to know I’m protected if I have to be,” said Erica Smith, a CPL holder. “I mean, I’ve never had to use it, and I’m thankful for that.”

Women are also flocking to concealed-carry classes, especially those for women only, like the 906 Concealed Carry Ladies Only, sponsored by the NRA. Attending a class like this is necessary to obtain a CCL in Michigan.

“I don’t think it would hurt a bit for more women to be doing this,” said Lana Beaudry, a student in the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home class, who brought her daughter Samantha along. “Just for the self-confidence that it builds. I just really want to introduce them to as much as I can, and that’s probably the real reason. Just to show them that there’s a lot out there they can be doing.”

Samantha said taking the basic pistol class helped her feel better about being able to defend herself, despite her size.

“Gender definitely has a lot to do with it,” Samantha said in the story. “Especially because I’m smaller. I could be more of a target, so I’d rather be protected and know how to protect myself.”

Avery Smith, instructor and owner of 906 Concealed Carry, told uppermichigan that the women he’s taught have been good learners. “I would say that most of the women that have come through my class have been much better defensive shooters than men because they are willing to listen to critique,” he said. As we’ve reported, ladies only classes are becoming increasingly popular as more women buy guns and obtain carry permits throughout the country.