Women May Be the Cause of National Shift to Gun Rights
Women May Be the Cause of National Shift to Gun Rights
photo from UrbanArmed.com

It’s not news that women in the shooting lifestyle represent a growing demographic in the U.S. They have driven the shooting industry, with the National Shooting Sports Foundation finding that 2011 and 2013 showed the surge beginning with a “79 percent…increase in female” customers buying firearms or firearm accessories. That increase has just been getting steeper for the past three years. As this story on Breitbart.com illustrates, the impact may be growing in scope as well.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that this trend isn’t only impacting the shooting industry, but is actually impacting Americans’ views on guns and gun rights.

Just after the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, there was greater support for gun control over gun rights than the country had seen in 20 years. This held true into the beginning of 2013, before things began to shift.

In January, 2013, 45 percent of Americans supported gun rights and 51 percent supported gun control. Now, the numbers have shifted to 52 percent in support of gun rights and 46 percent in support of gun control, according to Breitbart.

At the same time, female gun ownership and the number of women applying for concealed carry permits nationwide have all skyrocketed like never before.

Is this a correlation or causation? Do these numbers represent a shift in women’s attitude in favor of guns, which in turn is changing the opinion of the entire population, or is this simply a loosely-related coincidence? Only time, and the statistics it yields, will tell.