women of weatherby

The Women of Weatherby were seated right out in front of Weatherby’s booth at the NRA Show in Nashville last weekend. Weatherby says they picked three women known for their fierce independence, positive influence, and unconditional love of the outdoors. That’s no doubt true, but meeting them as they spoke to women at the show made something else clear: women are firmly a part of the shooting sports.

First there was Rachel Ahtila. She is a professional hunting guide specializing in backcountry sheep, mountain goat, caribou, and moose adventures in British Columbia. She said, “My mission is to show women they can shoot and hunt and still be themselves.”

Next to her was Karissa Pfantz, a Montanan who is now a freshman at Willamette University in Oregon. To her left, signing photos and talking about guns and hunting was Haley Heath. Haley has traveled the world hunting all types of game, and hosted a number of television shows on The Sportsman Channel including “Family Traditions with Haley Heath.” They’re hip bunch and every women coming down the busy aisle was drawn to them. Weatherby’s idea here is to build a team that provides information, opportunities, and products specifically for women, by women.