XS RAM Night Sights on a Glock 17
The new XS RAM Night Sights on a Glock 17. XS Sights

XS SIGHTS HAS ANNOUNCED released its new RAM Night Sights, and the company is calling them the brightest sight options on the market and the best for shooting in both bright and low light.

The RAM sights (RAM stands for radioactive material, as in the tritium used to make it glow) have a tradition 3-dot notch and post sight picture. The majority of the rear sight is blacked out to increase contrast against the front sight, which is available in bright orange or green.

The front sight uses XS’s proprietary “Ember Glow Dot” technology, which absorbs ambient light to glow in low light. The front tritium lamp in the RAM sight charges the Ember Glow Dot, making the front sight glow brighter than the rear, keeping the shooter’s focus where it should be.

Why this innovation now? Things have changed at XS when it comes to tritium, and for the better, as the company marketing manager, Zack Kinsley, said in a release.

“Our high-performance night sights are purpose driven tools fine-tuned for Law Enforcement use,” Kinsley said. “Having our own tritium license has significantly strengthened our capabilities. We now test and use raw materials we didn’t have prior access to, resulting in broader and more advanced product offerings that ensure front sight visibility at all times.”

XS RAM Night Sights
The XS RAM Night Sights in green and orange. On the left you see the sigths in bright light and on the right in low light. XS Sights

XS says the RAM sights were designed to overcome three common issues with regular 3-dot tritium sights (which many police departments require be installed on duty pistols).

  1. Confusing the front dot with one of the rear sight dots under stress:

“During an adrenaline rush in a defensive situation, it is possible to mix up glowing dots in low light. Our Ember glow dot in the front sight has a bright color which differentiates the front dot from the two rear dots. Ember is charged by ambient light and the tritium vial, ensuring the front sight is always glowing brighter and in a different color than the rear.”

  1. Rear sights are brighter than front sight:

The 2-dot tritium rear sights, because there are two dots and they are closer to the shooter, can appear to glow brighter than the front dot, distracting the eyes. “Colored rings and tritium that is too bright in the rear sight can be overpowering in low light when compared to the front sight. Focusing more on the rear sight means less focus on the front sight and downrange threat. RAM sights use a blacked out rear sight, less bright tritium, and anti-reflective lenses to drive focus to the front sight.”

  1. A sight picture that is too tight:

“Most notch and post night sights on the market use a notch that is the width of the front post notch; alternatively, they are nominally wider and rely on the pistol’s slide length to allow visible light around the front post. Tight sight pictures are great for static shooting on a square range. When shooting on the move and frequently in changing light, seeing the front sights edges becomes much more difficult while the need for accuracy greatly increases. RAM night sights use a notch that is 15% wider than the front sight and is amplified by the pistols slide length.”

“Close fitting sight pictures make it difficult to align the 4-corner reference points of the top of the rear sight and top of the front sight in low light. The corners become blurry and proper alignment becomes almost impossible. This effect is also common among shooters with poor eyesight and aging eyes.”

The RAM sights also feature a rear sight overhang that reduces glare in bright light for greater sight definition. The anti-reflective rear tritium lenses also reduce glare in daylight, while increasing contrast against the front sight. RAM sights also have a rear sight ledge to aid in one-handed slide manipulations.

As for color choice, the orange front sight contrasts best in bright light and the green glows best in low light; however, people see color differently and eyesight issues can affect which color performs best for each individual.

The steel RAM Night Sights are durable and easy to install by hand or with a sight pusher tool. All tritium sights from XS are backed by a 10-year, No-Questions-Asked Warranty. Front blade width is 0.145” (3.68 mm) and the notch width is 0.170” (4.32 mm). While height varies by model, all models fit standard holster options.

XS says its RAM sights are “designed to last as many rounds as the pistol and glow for more than 10 years. Over the last year, we have conducted numerous torture tests. We are firm believers in Murphy’s law of what can happen, will happen. Things break, but iron sights need to be able to get you through the fight. Our sights will hold up to heat, cleaning chemicals, shock, UV exposure, and anything else your gear faces in the field. Below are our standards.”

The XS RAM sights are available for:


• 17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

• 20, 21, 29, 30, 37, 30S, 40, 41

• 42, 43, 43X, 48

Smith & Wesson

• M&P full size and compact

• M&P Shield;

SIG Sauer

• P225, P226, P228, P229, P320

• SP2009, SP2340;

Springfield Armory



• FN 509.

MSRP: $100 to $120 depending on model.